We at Paul Feeney  Consulting Engineers can advise and assist you right through the planning process. We can advise you at pre-planning stage of the suitability of your intended site or design. Generally the next step in the planning process is to meet with the Planning Authority for the area. We can attend this meeting with you and discuss the merits of your application with the Local Authority.

Following this meeting, the next step usually is to develop the designs to a stage suitable to submit as part of a planning application. Our Architects can work with you to prepare these drawings in a professional and efficient manner.

Also at this time it is necessary to prepare an EPA site characterisation report for the site if it is not serviced by a public foulwater system. We can arrange to have this site test carried out by a qualified assessor to EPA requirements.

Once the application is ready, we can proceed to lodge it on your behalf with the Local Planning Authority. A decision on the planning application is made by the Planning Authority between five and eight weeks after they receiving it. Often during the course of an application third parties make submissions to the application. We can respond to these submissions on your behalf if it is considered necessary.

Often the Planning Authority may seek further information based on a submission that they recieved, or on something for which they seek clarification. We can respond to this further information request, and the Planning Authority are obliged to make a decision within four weeks of receiving the further information response.

Once the Planning Authority make a favourable decision on the application they issue a letter to the applicant called a C2. This is notification of their decision to grant planning permission. Their is a period of four weeks following the issuing of this C2, where a third party, or indeed the applicant, make appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanala. If no appeal is made then, a further form called a C3 is issued approximately five weeks after the C2. This is the full conditional Grant of Planning Permission. If the decision of the Local Authority was appealed to An Bord Pleanala, then the application must be processed by this planning authority. This may take on avaerage between six and nine months.

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