Paul Feeney Consulting Engineers can prepare various types of engineering report to suit your requirements. We have experience in assisting and advising Clients with various problems for which they may need advice.

The following are some of the report types that we can prepare:

–         Structural and condition report,

–         Legal report,

–         Mapping or boundary reports,

–         Accident or claim reports,

–         Insurance reports.

We can prepare professional reports suitable for use in litigation situations. We are available to attend, and to act as a professional witness at Courts of Law. Sometimes, a Solicitor when advising their Client will require a report prepared by an Engineer. This report will need to be accurate, concise and independent in order to enable the Solicitor or the Counsel to best prepare their Clients case.

We aim to provide an unbiased, professional opinion in our reports. These reports are prepared in a clear and concise manner, and are supported normally with appropriate drawings and photographs.

Our experience obtained over the past 15 years has enabled us to provide accurate and fast assessments of various situations. This combined with the good relationships we have built up with many Solicitors, Barristers, Insurance Companies, and Public Officials help us to achieve good results for our Clients.